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“Earth Angels help others remember who they are.”

Doreen Virtue

Our Angel Method

Our Angels are often asked HOW do we spread love, language, and laughter through our Adult and Youth travel. We do this through incorporating Volunteerism, Early-Childhood best practices, and Cultural Exchange into the heart of our work abroad.


Our Adult and Youth Angels explore the globe through the eyes of a local. Our Angels intentionally set out to support local and small businesses in the regions we visit while making a social, economical, and ethical impact through the daily interaction and operations of our program.

Our Angels partner with local organizations and charities to complete a social-service project that benefits the community we are guests in for the duration of the program. The local organizations tell our Angels their need and we deliver through donation drives, community-service, volunteer educational services, and/or financial sponsoring.

Early-Childhood Best Practices

Our Angels specifically partner with local organizations in regions throughout the world that specialize and cater to the health and development of children from birth to five.

Our Angels recognize the importance of how human development is impacted through the early experiences and foundations of childhood. With over 75% of the human brain maturated by age five, our Angels understand the critical need to provide high-quality experiences through healthy relationship building in high-risk communites.

Our Angels work alongside partnered organizations to assist in furthering the mission of that organization for the health and development of children and families. Our Angels are volunteering their time in areas such as:

  • Parent Education Workshops
  • English Language Tutoring
  • Subject Tutoring
  • Children/Family Relationship Building
  • Play and Engagement
  • Nutritional Development
  • School Restoration

These are a few activities our Angels are involved in that allow for the healthy development of children and families.

Cultural Exchange

Our Angels set out to bridge cultures and communites through the hard work that we do to bring communites and cultures further together. Our Angels come from diverse backgrounds throughout the world and aim to dismantle stereotypes and stigma concerning under-represented communites.

Outside of our partnerships, our Angels are intentionally placed in communites, activities, and excursions that promote and encourage conversation and dialogue between our Angels and local natives. This allows for friendships, relationships, and networks to form that slowly begin to deconstruct prejudice, bias, and social constraints.

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