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“Earth Angels help others remember who they are.”

Doreen Virtue


In Loving Memory of an Angel

Isaac Henry Taylor Dilworth

Grew wings May 20th, 2016

Learned to fly May 30th, 2016

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:

Bring culture and community together through love, language and laughter.

Chanel West (Founder)

Eliminating intrinsic and extrinsic bias is our goal while mending cultural fences through community-service themed travel is our approach.

Who are our “Angels”?

Our Angels are anyone and everyone who want to see a little more light shine throughout our world through cultural and community exchange.

Our Adult Angel Trips are excursions to select domestic and international locations with heavenly benefits. All proceeds from our adult trips directly benefit our youth cultural exchange program.

Our Youth Angel Trips are geared towards disproportionately under-resourced children of color from marginalized communities. These cultural exchange opportunities are 5-days or 7-days to select domestic and international locations that offer educational and social-service volunteer opportunities.

What Angel’s do?

Our Angels ethically travel to select domestic and international locations in the spirit of connecting with marginalized communities for cultural exchange.

Our Angels take part on 5-day, 7-day excursions to landmark locations through the perspective of a local. Exciting opportunities to eat, explore, and experience the sights and sounds of these unique locations are plethora.

Our primary mission is that our Angels partner with local organizations to complete a community service project that allows for cultural understanding while strengthening vibrant communities.

“Be Kind to One Another “

Ellen DeGeneres

About Us

Sent from heaven to bridge cultures and eliminate bias through language, love, and laughter.

Chanel West (Founder)

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